Since the late 1990s, the overall CMO market has grown significantly, to around $2 billion.

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Business Model

MicroProtein Technologies (MPT) is an emerging Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) dedicated to providing custom protein production services for bio-pharmaceutical, enzyme and plasmid DNA industries, as well as academic research labs.

MicroProtein Technologies' mission is to become a leading CMO that provides high quality and cost effective protein production services that are recognized throughout the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

MicroProtein Technologies' strategy is to provide protein production services through its patented platform technology: MPTxpress.

MPT’s platform technology has a broad applicability and can be applied to almost any recombinant proteins expressed in Escherichia coli. Utilizing a simple yet efficient platform technology developed by MPT, a protein of interest can be easily produced, correctly folded, and purified from the host with minimal up-stream and down-stream processing requirements. With our platform it is feasible to significantly limit the cost and time of production.

$2 Billion Market

Since the late 1990s, the overall CMO market has grown significantly, to around $2 billion. CMOs now represent 66% of total microbial manufacturing capacity, and 25% of overall mammalian cell culture capacity. (Citigroup report. Lonza Group AG. London: Citigroup: 2005 Sept)

According to RNCOS’s, "Global Protein Therapeutics Market Analysis", the global protein therapeutics market is expected to grow around 12% between 2010-2012. At present, the market is characterized by high cost treatment therapy and healthcare insurance, which helps the companies to generate more revenue.

The market is presently dominated by Monoclonal Antibodies. With double-digit growth projected for the future, the segment is expected to bolster its dominant position. Insulin, interferon beta, G-CSF, and coagulation factors are also exhibiting a healthy growth rate.

Moreover, the pharmaceutical contract research and manufacturing market is expected to grow at an unmatched rate on account of the high cost factor in the market.

MPTxpress Technology

The majority of recombinant proteins currently available are produced from bacteria. The production process comprises of large-scale fermentation to yield high volumes of bacteria. Efficient production of recombinant proteins in bacteria, both at the diagnostic and commercial level, remains a major problem. Not all recombinant proteins can be expressed to high level with a single technology.

There is a need for a technology that will address major challenges of biologically active protein production. MicroProtein Technologies has generated data (Proof of Concept) to demonstrate that solid media can be used in place of the standard liquid fermentation process to produce a high yield of biologically active recombinant proteins in bacteria. MicroProtein Technologies will be the first company to produce recombinant proteins on a commercial scale without employing conventional fermentation process.

The core innovation involves creating a process that is assured to perform with the same efficacy in small scale as well as in industrial large-scale production. This process eliminates costly steps used today in recombinant protein production. This platform technology is designed to service the needs of bio-pharmaceutical companies and academic research laboratories by reducing the cost and time for the production of commercially important protein drug products.