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Contract Research Organization (CRO) -

During the research and development of protein-based therapeutics, finding the optimal conditions for protein production is often a time consuming and labor-intensive process. Let us develop the methods for you and bring your molecule of interest a reality. From R&D to industrial scale up.

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Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO)

The R&D pipeline for new drugs has changed considerably over the past decade. Once dominated by big pharma and small molecules, today’s pipeline is increasingly populated with small and emerging biotech companies developing
large molecules or biologics, which now make up nearly 40% of the active R&D pipeline globally.

Our Products

FGF Basic 146

FGFb stimulates the proliferation of cells of mesodermal origin and many cells of neuroectodermal, ectodermal and endodermal origin. When added to cell culture media, FGFb is capable of maintaining human stem cells long term in feeder and feeder-free conditions. As such...

Carrier-Free Human Interleukin-2

Interleukin-2 (IL-2) is one of a family of polypeptides that mediate interactions between leukocytes. It is a T-cell growth factor.


Streptavidin is a biotin-binding protein found in culture broth of the bacterium, Streptomyces avidin. Streptavidin binds 4 moles of biotin per mole of protein with a remarkably high affinity.

Recombinant Protein G

The gene we selected to use for the production of Protein G originated from Streptococcus Strain G148, and was cloned and expressed in our proprietary strain of Escherichia coli.

Recombinant Protein L

Recombinant Protein L is expressed by MicroProtein Technologies in E.coli using its MPTxpress upstream platform with innovative purification methods.